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From tethered to treasured

26 April 2020
From tethered to treasured

Here at SPCA we have dozens of animals come through our doors every day. Our ‘transformation’ stories share the tales of those who come into our care, in pain and often fighting for their lives, and make a miraculous recovery. ​This is Gogo’s story.

SPCA Inspectors found Gogo the goat tangled in a thin twine tether and caught on branches, unable to move, and desperately crying out for help.

“Gogo’s right hind leg was so badly tangled, he could not lower it to the ground, and was standing on three legs. He had no water, no suitable shelter, and was underweight,” Inspector Gina says.

“I noticed the right hind leg was red and swollen, and he wasn’t able to bear weight on it.”

Road to recovery

Inspector Gina immediately seized Gogo so he could receive urgent veterinary care. “Gogo was very happy to be off the tether, but needed help getting into the back of the ute. Once in the truck, he lay down happily and seemed to enjoy the drive back to the centre,” she says.

After being assessed by our veterinary team, Inspector Gina’s concerns had been confirmed. After weeks standing on three legs, and without proper blood flow to his hoof, the veterinary team were worried that Gogo’s hoof might become loose and fall off entirely.

He was placed on pain relief and anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and pain, and the SPCA team did everything they could to make sure Gogo was comfortable throughout his recovery.

“Gogo’sarea at the centre was right outside my office window, and he’d often come up to say hello. His favourite time was the school holidays. He got a lot of attention on those days and never seemed to tire of it,” Inspector Gina says.

A happy ending

Now after months of rehabilitation, Gogo is living the best life with his new family, Nic and Brent.

Nic and Brent have sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, a horse and a pony, and they were looking to add one more to the family… a goat! And that’s when they met Gogo.

After a trial adoption and follow-up vet visits, Gogo is now a permanent part of their family.

“He’s just come into his own here. He smooches up to you like a cat first thing in the morning,” his mum Nic laughs.

“He’s super friendly. He runs around with my eight-year-old cousin, and our miniature pony Casper is his best friend. It’s like he’s always been here.”

After finding Gogo in such a terrible way, Inspector Gina still gets to see him every day. After moving to a new houseand needing to relocate her horses, they now graze at Nic and Brent’s property!

“I love hearing what Gogo’s got up to and calling him over for a cuddle. I’d like to think he comes running over just for me, but the truth is he loves everyone.”

“He’s put on a whopping 20kg, and fortunately can jump in the ute himself now – because I certainly couldn’t lift him in anymore!” she laughs.

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