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Farmed Animals

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  • Electric Prodders
    SPCA advocates that the need for electric prodding devices can be eliminated with appropriate handling and husbandry techniques and improved equipment and facilities.
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  • Intensive Farming
    SPCA advocates for farming systems that provide farmed animals with opportunities for positive mental experiences. This includes positive behavioural interactions and the ability to make choices, such as between indoor and outdoor access.
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  • Farrowing Crates
    SPCA supports a move towards a farrowing system that protects the welfare of both the sow and the piglets. SPCA opposes the use of farrowing crates, including temporary crating systems.
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  • Farmed Fish
    SPCA advocates that farming systems meet the species-specific and life-stage specific physical, health, and behavioural needs of farmed fish.
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  • Selective Breeding and Genetic Technologies
    SPCA opposes the selection of animals for accelerated growth rates and other enhanced production traits where this may result in the inhibition of normal activity, cause metabolic or skeletal defects, chronic lameness and pain, increased mortality or other welfare problems.
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  • Goats
    SPCA supports farming systems that provide goats with a Good Life where they experience positive welfare and their physical, health and behavioural needs are met.
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  • Handling of Farmed Animals
    SPCA advocates that all farmed animals be handled using low-stress, force-free handling techniques.
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  • Animal Welfare Labelling of Food
    SPCA advocates for mandatory, consistent, and clear labelling on any goods that contain animal products to enable consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing items; this should include standardised legal definitions of terms such as barn-raised, free range, outdoor, and organic.
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  • Llama, Alpaca and other Camelids
    SPCA advocates for llamas, alpacas, and other camelids to have a Good Life where they experience positive welfare and their physical, health, and behavioural needs are met.
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  • Painful Husbandry Practices
    SPCA advocates for farming practices which avoid the need for painful husbandry procedures by providing sufficient living space and appropriately enriched environments.
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