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SPCA advocates that only methods that minimise the negative welfare harms caused to targeted and non-targeted animals be used to trap or kill animals.

SPCA opposes the manufacture, importation, sale and use of all snares due to the negative impacts to animal welfare they cause and the indiscriminate nature of the way in which they catch target and non-target animals.

SPCA opposes the use of all types of snares (i.e., free running, free running with fixed stops, and self-locking snares including those using stops, ratchets, etc.).

Where it is necessary to capture certain animals, SPCA advocates the use of live capture cage traps, if they are visited frequently, depending upon the species targeted, the likelihood of catching a non-targeted animal, the trap used, and its location. Non-targeted trapped animals must be released immediately after discovery. If the target species is caught and it is to be killed, the animal must be humanely killed as soon as possible. The use of kill traps is also acceptable providing the trap has passed welfare performance and it is used to catch animals for which it was tested.

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