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Position Statements

Higher / Tertiary Education

SPCA supports the inclusion of animal welfare science and ethics of animal use components in all higher education or vocational animal-related, farming, and biological science courses.

SPCA advocates that recognising and appreciating animals as sentient beings and providing them with “a Good Life” where they experience positive welfare for the entirety of their lifeand “a humane death” is essential in the teaching of animal-related, farming, and biological science courses. Learning that promotes an understanding of what animals need and want, alongside our duty of care towards them, should be core topics in these and many other fields of study.

SPCA opposes the use of animals in education where they will likely experience pain or distress and where humane alternatives exist. Where animal husbandry units exist within teaching facilities, our organisation opposes animals being kept in conditions that do not meet their physical, health, and behavioural needs.

SPCA supports education establishments that prioritise using humane alternatives to animals. Where there is no current alternative to animal use, our organisation acknowledges those establishments that maintain the highest levels of husbandry and welfare for the animals. SPCA advocates for education establishments to establish policies for students to opt-in to participate in animal-based teaching activities where animal welfare is compromised, and to provide non-animal alternatives that allow non-participating students to meet the course requirements.

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