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Genetic Technologies

SPCA supports the use of genetic technologies to improve the welfare of animals.

SPCA supports the use of genetic technologies that may lead to improvements in animal welfare so that animals’ behavioural, health, and physical needs are better met. SPCA advocates that use of genetic technologies that involve manipulations with animals should only occur where there is social license and public support.

SPCA opposes the use of genetic technologies without consideration of the welfare impact to the genetically edited animals or animals involved in their production.

All proposed genetic technologies involving animals should undergo robust evaluation of the impact on animal welfare and ethical aspects before implementation.

SPCA is concerned that the application of genetic technologies may have unintended consequences for animals.

SPCA is concerned that some genetic technologies could be used to perpetuate environmental conditions and husbandry practices that result in poor animal welfare. For example, the modification of farmed animals for increased growth rate and disease resistance, while positive for animal welfare directly, may lead to the intensification of farming and have an overall negative impact on animal welfare.

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