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Game Birds

SPCA supports housing systems that provide game birds with choices to experience a Good Life with positive welfare and meet their physical, health, behavioural needs.

SPCA opposes the rearing of game birds in confined spaces. SPCA opposes practices such as pinioning, brailing, and beak trimming, the use of spectacles or blinkers because of the negative welfare impacts.

Birds reared in this way suffer physically and psychologically from the conditions of confinement and also after being released.

SPCA opposes the killing of predatory animals when they are considered to be a threat to game birds.

SPCA opposes the unnecessary body modifications of animals used in entertainment, sport, and work including the caponisation and the dubbing of roosters.

Body modifications of animals can and should be avoided through selective breeding and by the provision of sufficient living space and appropriately enriched environments.

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