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Experiments Causing Pain and Welfare Harms

SPCA advocates for continuous improvements in minimising the negative impacts on animal welfare from research, testing, and teaching activities that have the potential to cause pain and welfare harms.

Use of animals in research, testing, and teaching in New Zealand is subject to the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Research, teaching, and testing is only permitted within an institution that has an approved Code of Ethical Conduct, working under the authorisation of an animal ethics committee (AEC). The AEC is required to review applications according to criteria set out in the Animal Welfare Act, 1999 including weighing the potential benefits of the proposed research, testing, or teaching against the potential harms to the animals. Applications to use animals in research, testing, and teaching are graded based on the increasing degree of severity of welfare impact on the animals (Grades A through E; with A being the least impact and E the most). Our organisation supports increased scrutiny of all research, teaching, and testing manipulations and give greater consideration of proposed harms to animals in the cost/benefit analyses.

SPCA opposes research, testing, and teaching where pain and distress are not minimised.

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