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Animal Welfare in Trade

SPCA advocates that animal products for sale in New Zealand must be produced to welfare standards that meet or exceed New Zealand law, and should be labelled accordingly.

Our organisation opposes the importation of animal products which have been produced using practices that are illegal in New Zealand.

SPCA advocates for a trade dimension to be added to future animal welfare legislation, for example by restricting imports of products where practices are used that are prohibited in New Zealand.

SPCA supports the inclusion of animal welfare into trade agreements.

International rules and negotiations on the trade in animal products can have a significant impact on New Zealand’s animal welfare standards. SPCA has a policy and commercial role on the issue of animal welfare and trade, as our organisation develops animal welfare standards as part of the SPCA Certified programme and advocates for changes in animal welfare legislation.

SPCA supports animal welfare provisions in trade agreements, from agreements to cooperate through to conditional liberalisation (where tariffs are only relaxed when certain conditions are met, such as better animal welfare outcomes).

SPCA will support the aim of including animal welfare in trade deals provided that it acts as a mechanism to mutually lift standards between countries and does not enable lower-welfare products to enter into New Zealand in a manner that undermines New Zealand standards and farmers.

SPCA engages directly with international fora and animal protection NGOs in order to advocate effectively on animal welfare across borders. In addition our organisation advocates for improved transparency and engagement with local animal protection NGOs whenever animal welfare is being discussed by government, including during trade negotiations.

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