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Supply of Animals

Animals in Research, Testing and Teaching

SPCA advocates that breeding, research, teaching, and testing establishments must reduce wastage of animals by national communication, coordination, and improved planning to avoid excessive breeding of animals in surplus to requirements.

SPCA opposes the practice of breeding excess animals for research, teaching, and testing because of the potential negative impacts on the welfare of unwanted animals.

Our organisation advocates that justification of the need for animals of a specific sex, age, or weight must be stringently and critically reviewed by AECs when deciding whether to permit research using animals.

SPCA supports the appropriate rehoming of animals used in research, testing, and teaching.

While animals continue to be used in research, our organisation advocates for the rehoming of animals used in research, testing, and teaching when they are able to adapt to life outside of the laboratory environment and live a life without significant compromise to their physical, health, and behavioural needs.SPCA supports institutional practices which aim to improve the success of rehoming of animals used in research,teaching, and testing such as socialisation to experiences which they may encounter after adoption.

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