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Experiments Causing Pain and Welfare Harms

Animals in Research, Testing and Teaching

SPCA advocates for greater efforts to be made to minimise the negative impacts to animal welfare caused by research, testing, and teaching where non-animal alternatives are not yet available.

SPCA supports greater consideration of the potential harms to animals that may occur during procedures for research, testing, and teaching.

Animal experimentation in New Zealand is controlled by the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Procedures must only be carried out within an institution that has an approved Code of Ethical Conduct, working under the authorisation of an AEC. The AEC is required to weigh the likely benefits of the proposed research against the likely harms to the animals involved when considering whether to permit the work. Procedures are graded based on the increasing degree of severity of impact or invasiveness on the animals (Grades A through E; with A being the least invasive and E the most). The Society proposes for AECs to increase their scrutiny of all procedures and give greater consideration of proposed harms to animals in the cost/benefit analyses.

SPCA opposes all research, testing, and teaching that does not minimise pain and distress, or lasting harms to animals.

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