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Will you help animals this Christmas?

26 November 2018
Will you help animals this Christmas?

Will you make a donation today to help SPCA give them love, care, and shelter?

It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of the year again.

For SPCA, Christmastime means kitten season. We’re preparing for an influx of thousands of animals who desperately need our help. With no family and no one to care for them, countless kittens in New Zealand are facing a life where they are terrified and suffering. Little kitten Simba very nearly had a tragic end to his short life.

Without the security and safety of a home, Simba wandered far in search of a place to take shelter. But suddenly he fell into a river, the cold, rushing water shocking his tiny body. He was struggling to breathe, desperately weak and hypothermic.

Simba fought the current and was lucky to escape just in time.

Simba in the hospital.
Simba in the hospital.

We are now facing kitten season, and set to be busier than ever before.

Our resources are already stretched to the limit, and we need your help.

SPCA Vet Dr Annalisa was there when Simba was brought to the Centre, wrapped in an old towel to keep him warm.

“Simba was hypothermic and terribly weak. He was suffering from shock. “It was extremely serious. Because he had been in the water I was very worried about respiratory issues. “He also had a painful, infected injury on his cheek and he was so underweight that his ribs were protruding.”

It breaks our heart when we think of how scared Simba must have been. Shivering, hurting, alone. With no one to care for him. No kitten should ever suffer like this.

This festive season, will you please help save lonely, abandoned animals with a Christmas gift today? Your support stops their suffering.

For Dr Annalisa and the SPCA team, the first step to saving Simba’s life was warming him up slowly and gently. They wrapped him in a towel, gave him a hot water bottle and used a hair dryer on his soggy coat. After he was warm and dry, Simba was transferred to SPCA’s intensive care unit. Our caring vet team ordered x-rays to ensure he hadn’t suffered any internal injuries.

Then Simba developed a raging fever and needed IV fluids. For days it was touch-and-go. Dr Annalisa and her team were terribly worried for Simba.

“Any animal without a family is more susceptible to diseases, and kittens like Simba can deteriorate very quickly.” “Without a good start to life, Simba was extremely vulnerable. We had to monitor him closely and did everything possible to save his life:”

  • On day one, a veterinary consult, vaccinations, and antibiotics for his cheek injury cost $96.30
  • X-rays on day eight cost $250.00 Then five days in intensive care with diagnostic tests and medication totalled $770.30
  • On day 21 de-sexing, microchipping and a final vet visit cost $158.70
“The odds were against Simba, but there were so many people pulling for him. He’s a lucky kitten.”

This Christmas thousands of kittens just like Simba will come to us needing help. It costs a lot of money to treat and look after every animal that needs us. Our vet bills escalate and we must bring on more staff and volunteers. But for kittens like Simba, this treatment and care is vital.

After days in the intensive care unit, Simba gained strength and gave Dr Annalisa a glimpse into his sweet, affectionate personality. “At first Simba was timid and afraid. But as soon as he knew he was in a safe place, he came out of his shell. “It was amazing to watch him heal and thrive.” This love for animals drives everything we do, and seeing Simba survive against all odds keeps our team going, even on our toughest days.

None of this would be possible without your support. Animals are rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed because of your generous donations. I can’t thank you enough for caring. But sadly, there are many more kittens just like Simba who will find themselves frightened, alone and even abandoned by their families this Christmas.

Simba getting the care he needs.
Simba getting the care he needs.

This summer, our SPCA centres will be at full capacity. Each day hundreds of animals will come through our doors in desperate need of veterinary attention, love and care. With so many cats and kittens needing care,

Dr Annalisa and her team are spending more on vaccinations, desexing surgeries, medication, specialist care, and flea and worm treatment.

“That’s why your donations are crucial. We rely on the kindness of others to provide lifesaving treatment for the animals in our care. If SPCA wasn’t here, and you weren’t supporting us … what would happen to these animals? I’m so grateful for the generosity of New Zealanders who make all this possible.”

As we get closer to Christmas, please think not only of your loved ones but also the animals with no one else to love them. Just a few dollars from you can give them the health, happiness and caring homes that all animals deserve.

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