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SPCA announces closure of Tokoroa Centre

18 May 2023

SPCA New Zealand will close its Tokoroa Centre, using a local vet partnership to ensure animals in the area remain cared for.

SPCA announces closure of Tokoroa Centre

The decision to close was made by the charity, because the Centre is no longer financially viable to operate and would require considerable investment to bring up to standard.

The Tokoroa Centre has provided a valuable service to the local community. However, in recent years, the Centre has looked after very few animals. Since October 2022, all incoming animals have been cared for by larger, neighbouring Rotorua and Taupō Centres due to staffing limitations. The Centre was also subject to two break-ins, resulting in equipment stolen and vehicles left significantly damaged.

SPCA New Zealand has carefully considered the situation and has decided that the funds currently allocated to the Tokoroa Centre would be better spent on desexing initiatives and future-focused preventative measures.

"We understand the impact that the closure of the Tokoroa Centre will have on the local community, and we are committed to continuing our work in the area,” says SPCA Regional Manager Vivien Moore.

“We have explored every option to keep the Centre open, but ultimately, it is not financially viable to do so and does not provide the best welfare outcomes for animals. As a charity, we need to ensure our funds are used where they will have the most significant impact – and that is not always bricks and mortar.”

An SPCA Field Officer will continue to service the local area where animals need assistance, along with the already established vet partnership with South Waikato Veterinary Services (SWVS). The veterinary practice will take in sick, injured or vulnerable animals approved by the SPCA, and hold them on the SPCA’s behalf until they are able to be transferred to Rotorua or Taupō. Inspectorate services in the area would not be impacted by these proposed changes.

“SPCA New Zealand would like to thank the staff, volunteers, and supporters of the Tokoroa Centre for their dedication and hard work over the years,” continues Ms Moore. “We also express our gratitude to the local community for their support, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future – as we run further desexing initiatives in Tokoroa to help to break the cycle of unwanted animals needing shelter care.”

Members of the Tokoroa community in need of assistance with abandoned, abused, or neglected animals are still able and encouraged to contact the Rotorua Centre on 07 349 2955.
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