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Sparkle - the little horse who wanted to be loved

03 October 2019
Sparkle - the little horse who wanted to be loved

​Sparkle’s start to life was a sad one, full of uncertainty and neglect.

A beautiful miniature horse, Sparkle was rescued by an SPCA Inspector after being found injured and in pain. She was suffering from severe laminitis which is where the sensitive layers of tissue inside the hoof become inflamed. This was extremely painful, debilitating, and sore for Sparkle.

When SPCA Inspectors found Sparkle – who is an older horse at around 15 years old, they knew she needed help immediately. Her laminitis was so bad she was struggling to walk. The Inspector called a vet and a farrier straight away to give Sparkle the help she needed.

A long road to recovery

Sparkle was out of the woods, but the road to recovery was to be a long one. The SPCA Inspector was unsure how long Sparkle had been left in this way, but it was clear it has been left untreated for some time. Horses and ponies need a farrier – a horse shoe specialist – to look after their feet regularly to keep them in good health. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Sparkle.

Because of the seriousness of her condition, Sparkle needed lots of time to heal. It took months of intensive care by the SPCA team but with regular care, Sparkle flourished.

After a few months, Sparkle made a full recovery and was ready to find a forever family who could give her the loving home she deserved. She proved herself quite the character, full of sass and personality and staff loved seeing her develop and show her true colours as she recovered from her injuries.

A match made in heaven

SPCA staff were determined to find Sparkle the perfect family, so were delighted when Alannah got in touch. Alannah and her family live on a lifestyle block with their two other miniature horses Dora and Rolla, a goat named Tony, and lots of sheep and were looking for another addition to join the farm animal clan.

It was a match made in heaven. After initial introductions, and some time to get used to her new home, Sparkle settled in wonderfully at Alannah’s home.

She now lives a blissful life with her other farmyard friends, and she loves all her new family. “Sparkle had fitted in perfectly. The children love her, and she has become quite attached to Dora and Rolla, our other miniature horses. She now spends her days running around the paddock, chomping on fresh grass and getting all the love she deserves.”

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