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Peaches learns to walk again

03 December 2019
Peaches learns to walk again

Peaches arrived at SPCA with a serious injury to her right hind leg, needing urgent medical treatment.

After several X-rays, an avulsion fracture of the tibial tuberosity was identified. In other words, Peaches had an area of her shin bone that was not fully fused to the rest of the bone. Puppies diagnosed with this type of fracture have usually had some sort of trauma to the knee.

We will never know how long Peaches had been living with this injury before she was surrendered to SPCA, but our team worked relentlessly with Peaches to get her back to a healthy and active pup!

After surgery, Peaches had a splint on her leg for many weeks while the bone healed. She underwent multiple weekly hydrotherapy sessions to get the use of her leg back to normal and relieve any discomfort.

She spent more than 25 weeks in SPCA’s care, learning to walk and to trust people again.

A new beginning

After months of rehabilitation, Peaches made a full recovery and was finally ready to find a family of her own. Her new mum, Steph became instantly attached when she walked through the doors of SPCA. She could see how wonderful Peaches was and wanted to make sure she never experienced a life of pain again.

“She is very loved and such a good girl - she is learning very quickly too! The zoomies around the house she does when I get home from work every day makes me feel loved and just as special!” says Steph.

Because of the hardship Peaches faced when she was younger, she needs extra understanding and ongoing specialist training. Steph attends training sessions with Peaches to help her develop her confidence and trust in humans .

“She was a bit hand shy at first, but I have worked hard to get her used to having my hand on her face and her knowing that it is safe,” says Steph.

A loving personality

Because of Peaches’ leg injury, Steph must be creative about how to give her the stimulation and enrichment she needs.

“I have finally found a way around Peaches digging when I am out of the house - by getting her a clamshell filled with dirt that she can bury bones in,” says Steph.

“We have had lots of toys being pulled at and bedding ripped to pieces, but nonetheless, she has been a blessing to our family.”

“Peaches has such a loving personality. She just wants to cuddle and play with everybody that she meets.”

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