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SPCA's longest staying pets of 2022

31 August 2022

Thousands of animals are brought into our SPCA Centres every year, and while many are successful and finding their forever home in either weeks or days, some of our animals are left waiting for months, and sometimes, even years. Our long stay animals are well cared for by our Centre teams and our incredible network of fosters, who welcome our long-stay animals into their homes so they continue to be socialised and spend time in a home environment.

SPCA's longest staying pets of 2022

Sam (mixed breed)

Age: Seven years old
Thames – has been at the Centre for two years

Sam has been with us so long he’s like part of the furniture. He is a lovely boy with wonderful manners. He is a very smart and absolutely loves the company of people.

He does have some special dietary needs so it is best that you chat to one of the SPCA team before applying to adopt.
Sam’s a bit of a high jumper and will require a well fenced section, and ideally would suit a home where he is the only dog.

Sam also wouldn't suit a household where there are cats as he is a bit too interested in them for his own good. He so deserves a home and will be your best mate and loyal companion.

Lucy (mixed breed)

Age: 1 year old
Masterton – has been at the Centre for 10 months

Lucy has been in SPCA care for a long time while recovering from an extensive surgery on her foot, which is now fully healed and she’s ready to find her new home.

She has basic manners but would benefit from further training. One of Lucy’s favourite activities is to run around and play, especially around people. Lucy is looking for a safe and warm home with people who can shower her with affection and show her what it’s like to be a part of a family. Lucy is a joy to everyone she meets and even after her rough start, she’s still a happy-go-lucky-girl.

Peewee (mixed breed)

Age: We’re told he’s eight years old, but our Vets say he’s actually around 4 years old
Kaitaia – has been with SPCA for seven months

Peewee has been in the Kaitaia Centre since February this year. He was surrendered by his owners after they realised they couldn’t meet his needs as he grew into an adult dog, and he spent most of his life on a chain.

As much as he is loved by the SPCA Kaitaia team, he deserves a forever loving home.
He loves nothing more than to be with you. If we are working in the office he will simply come and rest his head on our lap, and just stay there.

He is very loving and likes all the normal canine pleasures - to run, play, swim...be free. We were told that Peewee was around eight years old, however, we, along with the Vets would put him around the 4-5yr old mark.
He shows no sign of any joint issues, and is an active, strong dog. Like any dog, Peewee looks to us for clear direction and responds nicely.He would best suit being the only dog in his household. He has been known to play well with other dogs but tends to get over-excited and the harmony is broken.

Julia (thoroughbred)

Age: Four years old
Christchurch – has been at Centre for seven months

Julia, a thoroughbred mare, came into the care of SPCA following a paddock accident in an off the track home where she injured her right hind leg in a fence.

Luckily it was a superficial injury (no tendons involved) and while she will always have a scar, she shouldn't have any soundness issues in the future. Julia’s previous life involved living in a busy racing stable.
She travels well in a float and is well behaved for the farrier and easy to rug.
Julia is young and will need an experienced home with someone who can give her some further training and slowly build up her fitness again.

Julia has plenty of potential in the right home and is undergoing ground work and strengthening/rehab work in her current foster home.

Narla (mixed breed)

Age: 3 years old
Greymouth – has been in the Centre for seven months

Narla originally came into the Christchurch Centre with her litter of puppies. While she might not look it, she’s an aspiring athlete, and now that her kids have left home, it's time for her to be young again.

Narla can escape if left unattended so she will need a kennel and run for when you go out. The property doesn’t need to be a fortress, just a secure section so it’s not a hassle to take Narla out to toilet.
She loves anything related to water, so watch out for your hose. She loves sitting in the paddling pool regardless of the weather!
Other favourite spots include the couch or the beach. After a great walk, Narla is a real cuddle bug and would love to curl up on the couch with you.

She will play and walk with you for as long as you allow. Narla is good around other dogs and has lived with them before. She would love to again, but would also be happy being an only child.

Benson (rottweiler)

Age: 2 years old
Christchurch – has been in the Centre for six months

Benson is a bit of a goof ball and enjoys human attention and having a companion. He plays fetch and also likes playing with the hose.

He is a cool character and if you give him a chance, once bonded with you he will be your best mate.
Always there waiting with some big slobbery kisses, Benson hasn't experienced a lot of the world and needs an experienced owner to show him the way and give him the time and training he deserves.
Benson will require a kennel and run for when he is left alone. Benson has previously jumped a fence at his old home and therefore will need a home where he can be given a lot of attention and training to grow out of this habit.

We're currently training Benson with a muzzle, as he does need to be muzzled when he's away from home.
A home with adults, older children and no animals, would suit Benson best as his size can be a bit overwhelming to smaller children. While Benson still has a lot of navigating to do he is a boy with unconditional love and the biggest and best clumsy hugs to give. Whenever you need a TV buddy, snuggle buddy or an exercise buddy just call on Benson and he is the best boy for the job.

Ferry (tabby)

Age: Seven months old
Masterton – has been at Centre for 10 months

Ferry is a shy girl, but certainly not as shy as she was when she first came into our Centre.

She will need a kind, patient home with plenty of love. Ferry loves to play and this is definitely the way to melt her heart.
Her new owners will need to be prepared to give Ferry some time to settle and to take things slowly so she can come out of her shell.

It’s a bit of a love story with our Ferry as she’s found her true companion while here in the cat room, the dashingly handsome Meyrick - so they will need to find a home together.

Kelly (kelpie)

Age: 2 years old
Whangarei - has been at the Centre for seven months

Kelly was found on the street chained to a pole. Her pups were found beside her in a box and they were found by a member of the public and taken to the SPCA in Whangarei.

It was a rough start for Kelly who took a long time to trust the SPCA team members, and she was incredibly protective of her pups.
But once she learned to trust, she has become a box of beans, loves to play with a ball or the hose.
She’s fit and agile, but will need to be in a home where she is the only dog. Once you’ve given Kelly a good run, she turns into a big softie and is always up for a snuggle.

Kelly currently attends doggy-day care once a week as she’s such a ball of energy. It also helps to improve her social skills around other dogs.

Jase (mixed breed)

Age: Three years old
Timaru – has been at the Centre for seven months

We can’t quite understand why our boy Jase isn’t getting snapped up by his perfect people. He is three years and two months old and is a lightning bolt of energy.

Jase will need to be in a home where he is the only dog as he simply loves to the attention to be all about him.

He’s absolutely obsessed with a ball, and will spend plenty of time trying to find one if he’s misplaced it in the grass somewhere.

Jasmine (mixed breed)

Age: 2 years old
Dunedin - has been at the Centre for 10 months

The first thing you should know about Jasmine is she loves tennis balls and she has the biggest smile in the world.

Our fun loving girl will do anything for a tennis ball and has our staff trained to throw one for her on request.
Once finished with the daily game of fetch Jasmine loves to get out and about to smell the flowers. She gets very excited when out on walks and can be slightly guilty of pulling on the lead until she gets a chance to run.
Jasmine isn’t a huge fan of other animals but will happily ignore other dogs when out walking and doesn’t cause any trouble.

Jasmine will need a loving family, full of energy and adventure, as once she’s done with a run, her next priority is rewarding you with snuggles and kisses. If all her needs are met, she happily keeps herself occupied.

Dashy (black and white)

Age: 9 months
– has been at the Centre for five-and-a-half months

Our Dash is an independent boy who loves people, but takes his time to trust people who he meets.

He loves treats and having a pat before bed time. He can find it hard sometimes to orientate himself but is confident once he is comfortable with his space.
Dash loves belly rubs and rubbing up against your leg when he knows you.

Sadly, Dash has always been the last pick but always makes cat friends fast. He has been at the Centre now for more than 170 days, and we’d love to connect him with his perfect family.

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