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Are you the Special Someone our animals have been waiting for? From 6-21 July, we are waiving adoption fees for long-stay residents for the right home. Look for the ‘Special Love Needed’ tag on our adoption profiles, check you can provide what they need to flourish & apply online. Our usual adoption criteria and processes apply.

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SPCA waives adoption fees to find warm hearts and homes

01 July 2024

From Saturday 6 - Sunday 21 July, animals who have been looking for a new home for more than 40 days will be prioritised for adoption in a zero fees campaign.

SPCA waives adoption fees to find warm hearts and homes

SPCA is looking for animal lovers to adopt our longest-waiting residents!

SPCA’s General Manager Animal Services, Dr Corey Regnerus-Kell says waiving the adoption fee for a select group of animals acknowledges the extra care they may require.

“These animals have waited a while to find a place to call home. We hope we can match them with people who can take over their care and give these animals the life they deserve.”

Among the hundreds of animals in this select group there might be larger animals that require lots of space like horses and high energy dogs. Others may have medical needs or anxiety, who require extra time and company.

There are bonded pairs that want to stay together, and some of these animals might be a little bit shy and haven’t caught someone’s eye.

“All of them are endearing and will give as much love and affection as they receive, so we’re on the lookout for people who have the space and time to love these animals as much as we do,” says Dr Regnerus-Kell.

All animals available for adoption are lovingly cared for by SPCA staff and volunteers during their rehabilitation, and the animals with zero adoption fees are no exception. Significant care and time have been invested in these animals, and normal adoption vetting processes apply so they're matched with the right home.

Toru, who is missing a hind leg, was with SPCA for 13 months before India fell in love with his bright and goofy demeanour and gave him a new home. Toru now spends his time with his mum and auntie, playing with his new circle of dog friends and learning commands in New Zealand Sign Language, Te Reo Māori, and English. He’s settled right into his owner’s home and heart!

Toru from SPCA was a long stay animal
Toru from SPCA was a long stay animal

Pets can bring immense joy to our lives and any hardship they have endured does not affect their ability to enrich our world with their personality, love, and affection.

If you think that you can make room in your life for a special companion, check out the animals waiting for adoption, and look for the 'Special Love Needed' tag on their profiles which indicates they're a long-stay resident.

If you think you'd be able to provide them with the home they need to flourish, click on the 'register to adopt' button on their profile to organise a meet-and-greet with our team.

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