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Hundreds of Kaitaia animals to benefit from SPCA desexing partnership

20 December 2023

SPCA is thrilled to be partnering with several veterinary clinics and animal rescues in the Far North, to desex 500 cats and dogs and prevent thousands of unwanted animals from being born.

Hundreds of Kaitaia animals to benefit from SPCA desexing partnership

New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity will be funding desexing surgeries for 250 cats and 250 dogs in Kaitaia over the next six months. The initiative is in partnership with TopVets, Far North Vets, Phoenix Animal Wellness and Donna Doolittle's Animal Rescue Kaitaia.

By desexing these 500 animals, it’s estimated to prevent over 1,600 unwanted animals from being born in the first year alone.

SPCA National Desexing Manager Rebecca Dobson says the initiative is especially important for the Kaitaia community, after SPCA’s Mobile Desexing Clinic toured Northland recently and saw the extra need for support.

“SPCA’s Mobile Desexing Clinic helped to provide more than 400 cats and dogs with free desexing and basic veterinary treatments in September, October and November, and we’re delighted to be able to help even more animals through this new partnership,” says Ms Dobson.

This initiative wouldn’t be possible without the support of local veterinary clinics, who will perform the surgeries, and Donna Doolittle’s Animal Rescue who will facilitate bookings.

“We know that with the current veterinary shortage, vets’ time and capacity for desexing can be limited. This is why we are so grateful to everyone supporting this desexing initiative,” says Ms Dobson. “The issue of overpopulation is a societal one that requires collaboration from many parties to tackle, so this is a really valuable way for our national charity to engage the help of local rescue groups with the touchpoints in community to have a long-term impact.

“It’s also important to acknowledge our incredible donors, without whose support we simply would not be able to provide free community desexing. SPCA is a charity and relies on donations from generous New Zealanders to help care for animals and fund these crucial surgeries,” says Ms Dobson.

SPCA is already working alongside Bay of Islands Veterinary Services and Coast to Coast Cat Rescue, funding a desexing programme for cat and dog owners in the Hokianga region. Starting in July 2023, this partnership has desexed over 550 dogs and 470 cats, preventing an estimated 3,270 unwanted puppies and kittens in the first year.

Kaitaia pet owners wishing to have their cat or dog desexed free of charge should contact Donna Doolittle’s Animal Rescue at desex@ddar.org.nz

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