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​Inside SPCA’s upgraded New Plymouth Centre

03 September 2020
​Inside SPCA’s upgraded New Plymouth Centre

After almost two years of planning and construction, the last upgrades on SPCA’s New Plymouth Centre are almost complete.

SPCA’s New Plymouth centre now features a new assessment room for incoming animals, a fully insulated and temperature-controlled cat quarantine, dog quarantine and isolation facilities, an upgraded dog adoption area and aviary, a completely rebuilt cattery and upgraded large animal paddocks.

The final upgrade to be completed is the reroofing of the centre.

“This project started in January 2019 because our New Plymouth Centre just wasn’t up to standard and we’ve since spent $175,000 into developing purpose-built facilities,” says SPCA Area Manager Danny Auger.

“With more incoming animals from New Plymouth and the wider central region, it was becoming difficult to house and serve the animals the way we need to.”

In the past year, almost 800 animals have been adopted from SPCA’s New Plymouth Centre alone.

Auger says since SPCA united as one organisation almost three years ago, the New Plymouth Centre is now working with other SPCA Centres, helping animals who have been abused and neglected across the entire central region of New Zealand.

“Renovating and upgrading our current facilities is very exciting and well overdue. We are so pleased with the finished product – purpose-built facilities designed specifically with animal welfare in mind,” he says.

“A lot of thought and investment has gone into ensuring our animal care facilities are robust and achieve the best animal welfare outcomes. The areas and facilities are designed with disease control in mind, and to prevent any illnesses being spread. It also allows prospective families to interact and get to know the animals.”

“Our latest MPI Audit passed with flying colours and we are so grateful for the support from our community which made this possible. We’re so thrilled to be able to offer these services to animals in need, and continue to make an even bigger difference for animals in the New Plymouth and central region.”

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