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Inspiring a kinder generation: our latest instructional readers are here!

07 June 2022

Focusing on responsible animal ownership and a number of key welfare topics, SPCA's latest lot of instructional readers for tamariki have just landed in every primary school in the country.

Inspiring a kinder generation: our latest instructional readers are here!

Preventing cruelty to animals (which is in our name here at SPCA) means long-term thinking, and focusing on what we can do today to see change tomorrow.

One of the main means to ensure future generations of New Zealand’s companion animals have better lives is to work with tamariki to inspire a kinder generation. This is why SPCA has developed an extensive education programme, including our instructional readers.

After the success of Companion Animals, Farmed Animals and Animals in the Wild, SPCA is delighted to announce the launch of Responsible Animal Guardianship, for kids to learn all about how to care for animals, while developing their reading skills at the same time.

In every primary school in the country

Levelled in alignment with the Ministry of Education’s colour wheel, the readers have been provided free to every primary school in the country. SPCA is eager to eliminate as many barriers as possible to young Kiwis being able to access these invaluable resources, and thanks to the generosity of our supporters, now every child at school will be able to enjoy them. This nationwide distribution makes it easy for schools to integrate the entire instructional readers seamlessly into their guided reading resource collection and classroom literacy programme.

As well as being available to kids in the classroom, the instructional readers are available to purchase online, and can be bought for anyone looking for an inspiring, engaging gift for the young animal-lovers in their life.

The readers and associated resources available on our Teachers’ Portal inspire young Kiwis to take action and make a difference in the lives of all New Zealand’s animals.

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