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SPCA prosecutes Whangarei dog owner

07 November 2018
SPCA prosecutes Whangarei dog owner

A Whangarei woman has been prosecuted by SPCA after her dog Goliath was found emaciatedwith protruding ribs, vertebrae, pelvis bones and a loss of muscle mass.

The defendant was found guilty in the Whangarei District Court of failing to ensure the physical health and behavioural needs of an animal were being met.

The case began when SPCA Inspectors visited the defendant’s property and found her Neapolitan mastiff cross Goliath chained to a running wire. The yard was very overgrown and Goliath had a picnic table tilted on its side for shelter. He had no access to water.

Goliath was a thin body condition with hair loss over all four legs and fly bitten ears. SPCA Inspectors advised the defendant that Goliath had lost too much weight and to provide him with adequate shelter and treatment for his skin.

SPCA Inspectors followed up with the defendant twice and on the second visit found Goliath tangled around his running wire, unable to reach his shelter. He had lost a significant amount of weight and his left eye appeared to be infected.

SPCA Inspectors seized Goliath and took him for veterinary care.

The veterinarian concluded that Goliath was in pain and discomfort due to malnutrition, and it was likely he had been suffering for several weeks.

In SPCA’s care Goliath was fed four meals a day and in five weeks had reached his ideal body weight.At the Centre he was a ‘staff favourite’ and received a lot of extra attention and treats.

Unfortunately, after a year in SPCA’s care Goliath developed several malignant tumours throughout his body. On a veterinarian’s recommendation, Goliath was euthanised.

“SPCA believes that no dog should spend their life on a chain. We take some comfort in the fact in in Goliath’s last year of life he was given the very best care and unconditional love from the SPCA team,” says SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen.

“Pets rely on us to provide their basic needs – food, water, shelter and veterinary treatment. Goliath was let down by his owner and for that, he deserves justice.”

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