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SPCA funds new desexing initiative in North Hokianga

19 August 2022

In partnership with Kerikeri Highway Vets and local volunteer organisations, SPCA is funding a new desexing programme for cat and dog owners in the North Hokianga region.

SPCA funds new desexing initiative in North Hokianga

SPCA is pleased to be funding a new desexing and microchipping initiative with Kerikeri Highway Vets in this critically under-served region of New Zealand.

With funding available for the desexing and microchipping of up to 300 cats and 200 dogs, this will make a hugely positive impact within Hokianga. The initiative will run for approximately six months.

SPCA is covering the costs of all desexing and microchipping, and Kerikeri Highway Vets is also offering free vaccinations for these animals.

With Kerikeri Highway Vets carrying out the procedures, and with the help of other local rescue and volunteer groups, cat and dog owners are able to get their cats and dogs picked up, taken to the vet clinic for the procedures, and brought back home.

This transport service will be particularly helpful to those members of the public who may be struggling not only to cover the financial cost of desexing, but also have limited access to transport.

David Dowd, Principal Vet Surgeon and owner of Kerikeri Highway Vets has said that the public have been delighted by the launch of the initiative.

“It’s all go! It’s been very busy and people are very enthusiastic,” he says, one week in.

The initiative only began last week on 10 August, and so far there have already been 20 cats and eight dogs desexed, with approximately 30 more booked in.

SPCA National Desexing Programme Manager Rebecca Dobson says that making desexing more accessible is a critical way to bring down the rates of breeding, and help pet owners who may be struggling.

“Desexing cats and dogs is the most important way to prevent unwanted litters. That is why we are so pleased to be working with Kerikeri Highway Vets to offer free desexing to cat and dog owners in North Hokianga,” Ms Dobson says.

By desexing these 500 animals, it is estimated that the births of over 17,000 unwanted offspring will be prevented over the course of their lifetimes.

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