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Curious Comet's new start in life

03 July 2018
Curious Comet's new start in life

Comet had a scary and vulnerable start to life. Rather than knowing love and proper care, he was left as a tiny calf to fend for himself.

When he was little more than a month old, Comet’s fate changed when he was discovered by an SPCA inspector in his paddock. He was collapsed on the grass and had no energy to stand. He was skinny and shaky, and fighting for his life. The SPCA inspector took Comet immediately to the nearest vet. It was touch and go as to whether Comet would make the journey.

He was so alarmingly frail that he had to be carried into the van. However, on arrival at the vet’s, a miracle happened. Comet stood up and took his first steps in a long time – just as if he knew he was now in safe hands. He had a while to go until he would be healthy, but everyone was so relieved – Comet was a fighter!

Long road to recovery

Once he’d had a thorough medical check, Comet was taken to the nearest SPCA so that they could take care of him on his long road to recovery.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia after his ordeal, and was short of breath and energy, so he began medication to help him heal while being monitored closely by the farm team. Day by day Comet showed signs of improving. His breathing normalised and his chest cleared of infection. He even began to put on weight and go for daily walks around the farm.

As Comet’s strength grew, his personality started to shine through – he was a curious and cheeky boy. Comet became rather attached to the farm manager and would very boldly follow her around, giving her nudges for head rubs and attention. He also became quite accustomed to his bright pink harness and adored splashing around in the paddling pool. Much to everyone’s delight, Comet’s spirit was anything but dampened, and before long he was ready to find a new home.

A match made in heaven

As luck would have it, an SPCA foster parent heard about Comet and instantly knew she wanted to take him home to live with fellow rescue animals on her lifestyle block – it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Comet now lives an idyllic life at his new home with lots of farmyard companions, including another cow called Miss Moo, who he now looks up to. His new mum, Jan, tells us: “Comet hasn’t left the side of his cow friends and is so happy now he has a tribe of his own. He brings a smile to my face every day – seeing him trotting around his paddock so happily is just wonderful. He is such a lovely boy.”

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