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Copo's story: a letter from a rehomed rabbit

10 February 2022
Copo's story: a letter from a rehomed rabbit

Sometimes, good things take time. That was certainly the case for Copo, who waited in SPCA's care for a whole year before he found his perfect match in a forever home.

When Wellington-based Nikola saw Copo, a gorgeous Angora rabbit, available for adoption at SPCA Christchurch, she didn't let the distance stand in her way. Copo is a classic example of SPCA's 'no-time-limit' policy on rehoming animals. We waited with him for the whole year it took, moving him between two Centre locations in a bid to find his perfect forever home. That happy day finally came for Copo recently, and our teams wanted to share the update received from this lovely boy, and news of how he's getting on after leaving our care. This is why we do our work - the kind of ending we strive to secure for every animal who comes through our doors...

Dear SPCA,

Here I am in Wellington where I live now! I came here on two planes with my new Mum and was such a good boy.

We live in a house with a garden near the sea and I have three ugly stepsisters, Lulu, Helga, and Coco (the chooks), but they have their own henitentiary and live outside so they can’t gang up on me.

I was pretty scared when I got here and hid under the bed for the first two days, but it’s been two weeks now and every day I get a bit braver. I started by just letting Mum scratch behind my ears (you know how much I love that), a few days later I let her give me a brush, then I stopped being so shy and started to come for a snuggle and a nose boop. Last night I even hopped up on the bed (I have pet stairs!) just to make sure everything was in order.

I have lots of places in my new house to explore and hide, although I haven’t been into all the rooms yet. I have been really good with using my litter box and Mum is so proud of me – she tells all her friends how clever I am and has lots of paparazzi shots of me saved on her phone. She also tells everyone that I am surprisingly opinionated for a small white rabbit (she moved some of my stuff last weekend, so I had to move it back for her!) But I like to be helpful with these sorts of things. Like this morning, I wanted to make sure Mum had plenty of time to get ready for work, so I jumped up on the bed and snuffled her ear at 4am so she didn’t sleep in!

My treat ball came with me (still my favourite thing) and I have two tunnels (TWO!!!) to hide in, and a box from Pak n Save and some nice soft carpet under the big bed to snooze on during the day. I get fresh veg and herbs out of the garden every day for the “greens” part of my diet and even had a strawberry as a treat the other day (OMG – heaven!).

This weekend I’m getting an outdoor run so I can have some grass time if it’s nice out. Mum said she’ll stay with me and keep me company (so I won’t be by myself). She’s also keeping an eye on the SPCA page (Rabbit Tinder) for a companion for me, but wants to make sure I’m a happy, secure bunny first.

I’ve already written to my foster family to say thanks for being such great fosterers and for seeing me for the sweet boy that I am (and making sure I stayed on the straight and narrow while she waited to find me).

So I think it’s time everyone stopped worrying about me. I know I’ve found my forever home – Mum’s a keeper, and she keeps telling me I’m the sweetest guy in the world.

Love, Copo

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