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SPCA Certified® welcomes its first doggy daycare member

13 February 2023

The doggy daycare industry in New Zealand is largely unregulated, but SPCA Certified® has developed voluntary standards to help businesses raise the bar, and dog owners to choose businesses that put animal welfare first.

SPCA Certified® welcomes its first doggy daycare member

SPCA’s animal welfare certification, SPCA Certified® is a voluntary set of standards developed to help raise the bar of welfare for animals in both farming and pet care sectors. When choosing to support businesses that are SPCA Certified®, consumers and pet owners can rest assured that they’re helping to raise standards of care well above legal requirements. The SPCA Certified® team works in partnership with businesses for continual animal welfare improvements.

This month we’re happy to be welcoming our first independent doggy day care member to the SPCA Certified® whānau, The Grooming Lounge & Daycare based in Whangārei.

Owner Rebekah Thompson said that they’re excited to be the first dog independent doggy daycare member of the SPCA Certified® Programme.

“To be a member of this programme has validated the hard work that has been put in to create a high standard at The Grooming Lounge & Daycare. We hope that the SPCA Certified® Programme is only the beginning of positive change in the dog daycare industry in New Zealand, and we’re proud to be a part of the journey to give dogs the best they deserve whilst in the care of others.”

The company passed their initial assessment and certification audit with flying colours, providing a safe, stimulating environment with appropriate enrichment, scheduled play and rest times, behavioural assessments on intake, and high levels of supervision with trained staff to ensure dogs have a safe, fun time at daycare.

SPCA Scientific Officer Dr. Alison Vaughan noted that it can be challenging for dog owners to select a reputable doggy daycare.

“Currently the pet care industry is largely unregulated. This means anyone can decide to set up a doggy daycare, with no minimum experience or qualification requirements,” Dr. Vaughan said.

The SPCA Certified® stamp of approval lets dog owners know that a business has been independently audited against evidence-based animal welfare standards.

“We are delighted to welcome Bek and her team at The Grooming Lounge and Daycare into the SPCA Certified® community.”

The SPCA Certified® doggy daycare standards were developed to provide a benchmark for the industry, and to help dog owners find doggy daycares who are committed to high welfare standards. SPCA Certified® uses independent auditors and members are audited regularly so pet parents can be confident that the business maintains consistent high quality care.

We look forward to welcoming more doggy daycares on-board this year.

Doggy daycares interested in finding out more about SPCA Certified® can contact our friendly team at certified@spca.nz.

Dog playing at doggy daycare
Photos courtesy of Bek Thompson (The Grooming Lounge & Daycare)
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