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‘Central Bark’ doggy daycare joins our SPCA Certified® programme

23 February 2024

The Auckland-based doggy daycare is the newest member of the SPCA Certified programme, upholding high standards of animal welfare.

‘Central Bark’ doggy daycare joins our SPCA Certified® programme

At SPCA, we do everything we can to ensure the best outcomes for New Zealand’s animals. This extends to the standards of care that we uphold in the pet care sector through SPCA Certified, our voluntary animal welfare assurance programme, giving dog owners peace of mind that their dogs will be safe and happy at day care.

Our newest member of the SPCA Certified programme is doggy daycare Central Bark. Located in Parnell, Auckland, Central Bark has gone the distance and jumped through all the hoops we threw at them; their facilities are safe and comfortable, their staff are caring and knowledgeable, and they know how to keep dogs happy.

Our doggy daycare standards are designed to ensure that dogs have positive social interactions and engaging experiences throughout the day, along with plenty of rest and relaxation time to keep them well-balanced and content. Central Bark have an enrichment schedule that includes ‘Magical Manners’, ‘Tricks for Treats’, ‘Pool Parties’ and ‘Sniffaris’. All these activities promote positive experiences, harness dogs’ energy in a rewarding way– all while having fun.

Dogs enjoying enrichment time at Central Bark.
Dogs enjoying enrichment time at Central Bark.

We're thrilled to have Central Bark on our team, championing better standards of care for our furry friends – together we can help raise the bar and work towards all dogs having positive experiences while at daycare.

Doggy daycares interested in finding out more about SPCA Certified® can contact our friendly team at certified@spca.nz.
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