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From the roadside to recovery - Brighton's terrible ordeal

03 December 2019
From the roadside to recovery - Brighton's terrible ordeal

Thousands of animals find themselves in harm's way each year and need someone to intervene on their behalf to rescue and care for them. This is Brighton's story.

Brighton’s story is a shocking one to hear for any animal lover.

Brighton was callously thrown out of a car window in a cardboard box while the car was moving.

Witness reports detail the perpetrators driving off and heartlessly discarding the box out of the car window and onto the side of the road. A member of public who was driving close by thought the event was suspicious, so pulled over to retrieve the box from the side of the road. Not knowing what was inside, they opened the box up and with much surprise found a tiny little kitten.

The kitten was scared and shaking from this terrible event and clearly very sick. Fortunately, the finders thought to take him straight to the nearest SPCA to see a vet immediately.

A disturbing ordeal

SPCA staff named the kitten Brighton. He was just weeks old and suffering from severe cat flu. Poor Brighton was extremely sore and distressed from his disturbing ordeal and embarked upon intensive treatment with SPCA hospital staff to recover. Brighton was given medication and staff monitored him round-the-clock to give him the best chance of making a full recovery.

SPCA Inspectors then launched an investigation to find those responsible. His story was shared across SPCA Facebook pages to call for more information or other witnesses. SPCA Inspectors also worked with the New Zealand Police forensic team to swab for fingerprints on the box Brighton had been found in.

Unfortunately, fingerprinting results came back as inconclusive and the person/s responsible for this heinous act have never been found.

A happy ending

Despite this, Brighton proved a resilient and happy kitten. He went on to spend some time with a foster family and made a full recovery in a few short weeks. Brighton refused to let his tumultuous past damage his future – he grew to be a happy, friendly and energetic kitten, with lots of love to give.

His foster family fell in love, so much so that they decided to adopt him and make him a permanent part of the family. He now spends his days hanging out at home with his new family, playing with toys and lapping up all the attention he can get.

His new mum Haylie says Brighton, who has now been renamed to Taz, and his youngest human sister, Ella Rose, instantly became the best of friends.

“Taz enjoys catching his knitted mice and loves my daughter, he will literally follow her everywhere. I have to shut her bedroom door at night-time to prevent him from getting in her cot."

"Ella-Rose loves him just as much. He loves his food, and Ella-Rose's food too, so we have to keep an eye on him! He is such a lovely kitten and has really fitted into our family,” says Haylie.

It's a happy ending for the most deserving kitten!

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