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A new stage for entertainer Barney

31 January 2020
A new stage for entertainer Barney

​Barney the beautiful and bright cockatoo’s life was turned upside down when his owner passed away.

After living with his owner for over a decade, Barney suddenly lost everything and everyone he knew. He went from happy and content with a loving family by his side, to confused and scared.

Fortunately, Barney was taken to safety at SPCA to be cared for by the SPCA team. Vet checks revealed that Barney was physically healthy, and just needed mental stimulation to ensure his wellbeing.

Staff introduced an enrichment programme for Barney to make sure he was comfortable and entertained while in SPCA’s care. SPCA centres don’t often have Cockatoos come into their care, so Barney was spoilt and given lots of attention.

SPCA staff soon realised that Barney has the most loving and cheeky personality and adored being in the company of humans. He liked to have his head scratched and loved being tickled with a feather.

We discovered Barney’s favourite pastime was being an entertainer; dancing, singing and barking like a dog – Barney is a bird of many talents!

Love at first sight

Despite the unsettled journey he had been through, Barney flourished in SPCA’s care and continued to dance like no one was watching.

The even better news is that one day, a new family walked through the doors of SPCA and when they met Barney – it was love at first sight!

Barney’s new dad Adam says that Barney settled in at his new home well, as if he has always been part of the family.

“He calls out ‘Hello Barney’ when wanting attention and will tell us he is a good boy,” says Adam.

“Barney loves to hang out with us on the bed. He follows us around the house and shares dinner too. We have changed his diet and is trying new foods much to his delight.”

“He spends a lot of time out of the cage getting cuddles and scratches and will even ask for them by tapping his beak on or arms and legs.”

Feathered friends

Barney now has a wonderful and content life with Adam and his family. Adam created a ‘Feathered Friends NZ’ Facebook group to share regular updates of Barney’s life, covering everything from enjoying head scratches to just hanging out at home.

“Barney is an amazing Cockatoo – he's fun, friendly, gentle and inquisitive. We simply love him,” says Adam.

Follow Barney's adventures and share your feathered friend's photos on the Feathered Friends Facebook group.

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