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New animal care videos empower Kiwi kids

16 January 2023

Inspiring a kinder, more compassionate Aotearoa for animals and people is at the heart of our vision here at SPCA. One way we do this is by providing free, engaging learning resources for the animal guardians of tomorrow. A suite of new animal care videos is the latest step we have taken to achieve this goal.

New animal care videos empower Kiwi kids

The newly-created suite of educational animal care videos are a fun and engaging way for young animal lovers to learn about their animal’s needs. Taking a step-by-step look at the Five Domains to keep animals happy and healthy, video topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Behaviour
  • Mental wellbeing

Helping young New Zealanders to better understand the unique needs of their animals empowers them to become responsible guardians for future generations and creates a real interest in the wellbeing of their animals. By gaining a better understanding of not only their physical, but mental needs too, children will see animals through a more empathetic lens.

Among these 75 videos created, 15 new species are covered, providing an in-depth look into the needs of some of our more exotic animals. Alpacas, bearded dragons and turtles - just to name a few!

Animal care videos

Our educational videos are a fantastic way to engage with young learners, giving them the opportunity to learn independently and about what interests them. Plus, the fun doesn’t stop there! SPCA’s Kids’ Portal is packed with fun and interactive tools for learners to explore either at home or in the classroom, with supervision or independently.

Teachers can utilise these new video resources as independent learning experience or to enhance unit and lesson plans found on SPCA’s Teachers’ portal. Educational videos are a fun and powerful learning tool as they support students to develop a stronger connection to the content being delivered.

Although primarily created for kids, these videos are hosted on YouTube and have the option for closed captions and subtitles, making them a great resource for anyone wanting to learn what different animal species need to be happy and healthy.

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