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10.4 kg cat beings weight-loss journey

07 July 2020
10.4 kg cat beings weight-loss journey

Lockdown hasn’t been kind to the waist-line of many New Zealanders but it’s not only humans who are looking at post-COVID weight loss programmes.

One furry family member who tipped the scales at a whopping 10.4kg is Mog Mog, a Wellington feline who has some serious pounds to shake off.

The five-year-old cat is now receiving specialised treatment after being surrendered into SPCA Wellington Centre’s care in June.

Stepping on the scales, the team weren’t shocked to discover that Mog Mog was more than double the weight of an average cat, which is 5kgs.

The Alert Level Four lockdown wasn’t kind to Mog Mog’s physique and she was so obese she couldn’t walk with ease or even groom herself. And jumping up on furniture was not an option.

She’s now been set some post-COVID goals and started her weight loss journey in foster care with an SPCA foster family.

While it may not be the viral ‘paws-to-the-treadmill' videos on social media feeds, Mog Mog has made some impressive progress in a matter of weeks.

She’s already shed over 700g on a special prescription diet, and her foster family are there to make sure she doesn’t relapse and revert to any bad habits.

SPCA Wellington Centre’s Vet Care Team Lead Heidi Olsen says fat cats like Mog Mog aren’t uncommon and pet obesity is becoming a widespread issue.

“Sadly, as pets get bigger, their lives get shorter. Not only does your pet’s weight impact their general health, but it also reduces their overall quality of life and interferes with their daily activities,” she says.

Pet obesity can also lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure, and cancers.

Olsen says Mog Mog has been smashing her weight loss goals so far but she won’t be quitting the gym or ditching the scales anytime soon.

“Mog Mog is one of the largest cats I have seen in my career at SPCA. She’s now in SPCA care receiving some much-needed medical care and we are excited to see her reach a healthy weight.”

“Mog Mog’s weight loss journey is far from over butwe know when she’s been given the clean bill of health by our team, that she will be adopted into a loving home.”

To find out more about pet obesity, and tips and advice on how to keep your pet happy and healthy, check out this article.

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