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Become an SPCA inspector

Become an SPCA inspector

Inspectors play a vital role in the work of SPCA throughout New Zealand. They are at the front line of SPCA’s mission to prevent cruelty to animals, but their role is also so much more than that.

Do you have what it takes to be an SPCA Inspector?

Contrary to what you might think, being an SPCA Inspector is not an animal rescue role, it is a compliance role where we work with people to effect behaviour change, ensuring the right outcomes for both animals and people. Whilst the role is enormously rewarding, it is also confronting at times and requires a great deal of maturity and resilience.

It requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills in order to achieve the right outcomes for animals and inspire behaviour change in owners. At times, our Inspectors may have to remove an animal from a property, but this is only one of a number of tools inspectors will use in order to deliver the best animal outcome, whilst acting within the law. The role also requires strong investigative skills, attention to detail and the ability to accurately record this in writing and in our computer systems, as some cases may lead to prosecutions.

Attributes of an SPCA Inspector

A strong work ethic, attitude and commitment are by far the most important factors when considering applicants’ suitability to become an SPCA Inspector.

We’re looking for:

  • A mature temperament, confident and able to make sound judgment calls
  • Resilience in the face of a challenging work environment as they will be investigating disturbing abuse cases
  • The ability to follow clear protocols and processes and act within the law
  • Excellent information-gathering skills and the ability to record information accurately on our systems
  • The ability to work methodically, frequently dealing with multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities
  • Being comfortable working in the community, with people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Experience and/or basic knowledge of animals and their welfare needs is a plus

How to become an SPCA Inspector

In order to recruit new Inspectors, SPCA runs a paid 4 months’ internship programme on a needs basis, usually at least once a year.

This Internship provides successful interns with basic knowledge at the end of which they may be offered a role as an Inspector with the SPCA.

There are three 1-week classroom-based block courses of Internship covering law and investigation that are held in Wellington. These are marked on a pass/fail basis. Interns will need to study law and complete written and practical assessments during the internship that demonstrates a practical application of legislation and investigation skills. They must be able to document their work in a clear and concise manner and have good computer skills.

Whilst there are no course fees and travel to and from Wellington is paid for, interns are required to provide their own accommodation for these 3 weeks.

In between these block courses, the interns will need to complete ‘in the field learning’ working alongside our Inspectors in or near the area where they will be deployed. If interns fail any aspect of the course, they will not proceed towards warranting.

SPCA needs Inspectors to be deployed across the country, so a willingness to be fully mobile is essential and non-negotiable.

Prior to joining, potential interns will need to complete up to 8 hrs “ride-along” to establish if this in fact a job for them. As stated above, this is a compliance and investigation role, not an animal rescue role, and many of the complaints our Inspectors deal with are confronting and disturbing.

If this sounds like the career for you, please register your interest by sending your email details to this address: internship@spca.nz

We will then contact you by email with a link to the advert for our next available course as it occurs.

More information

To find out more about becoming an SPCA Inspector, please contact internship@spca.nz

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