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SPCA and other leading animal organisations commit to supporting rehoming racing greyhounds

20 May 2024

Today marks a step towards a future for greyhounds as much loved family pets in New Zealand, as Dogwatch, HUHA, SAFE and SPCA announce a commitment to assisting the industry in their rehoming.

SPCA and other leading animal organisations commit to supporting rehoming racing greyhounds

Published today in The Post, the joint statement underscores our commitment to support greyhound rehoming should a ban on racing be enacted.

In 2021, the Ministers responsible for Racing and Animal Welfare issued an ultimatum to the industry, signalling that significant improvements must be made or else face closure. The greyhound racing industry remains on notice and the future of thousands of greyhounds continues to hang in the balance.

SPCA Chief Scientific Officer Dr Arnja Dale said SPCA would like all greyhounds to enjoy a brighter future as much loved family pets.

“The time for a decision on the future of the industry is now. We cannot continue with the repeated cycle of exposes and damning industry reviews. Greyhounds deserve better.”

Public sentiment strongly aligns with the call for closure, with a recent independent poll commissioned by SPCA revealing that a staggering 74% of New Zealanders would vote in favour of banning greyhound racing.

New Zealand has the opportunity to lead the way in banning this cruel industry, setting a precedent for compassion and empathy that will resonate for generations to come.

We’re proud to stand with HUHA, SAFE and Dogwatch in publicly pledging to facilitate the rehoming of these dogs and providing them the second chance they so greatly deserve. This means a decision to end the harmful greyhound racing industry in New Zealand is now a safe bet.

You can read the open letter below.

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