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15,000 sign SPCA’s second plea for Govt to Break the Chain

25 September 2023

SPCA continues to speak up for thousands of dogs who continue to spend their life on the end of a chain. In August, 15,000 New Zealanders joined with us to co-sign a letter to Government in a plea to progress crucial legislation that has stalled.

15,000 sign SPCA’s second plea for Govt to Break the Chain

SPCA receives hundreds of calls each year regarding dogs that are chained up in backyards long-term, lonely and frustrated. This is no life for a dog, but unfortunately current laws make it incredibly difficult for SPCA Inspectors to intervene unless the dog has physical wounds, is physically suffering from lack of food, or has no access to shelter or water.

Last year, we campaigned for the Government to introduce new regulations to give animal welfare Inspectors stronger powers when dealing with dogs who are permanently tethered or confined. This was met with huge support, with 20,000 people taking action to call for change. Individual letters requesting legislative change were sent to the Minister of Animal Welfare at the time (Minister Meka Whaitiri).

New regulations from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) were put up for public consultation in February 2023. These regulations would allow Inspectors to intervene more proactively, providing them with tools to assist them in cases where there are clear indicators that dogs are permanently or inappropriately tethered. However, very little progress has been communicated since, while dogs all over the country continue to suffer.

So when we asked once again for people to join us and speak up – this time to cosign our letter from us to the current Minister responsible for Animal Welfare, Jo Luxton – we were so grateful for Kiwi animal lovers’ continual support.

Thank you to the 15,000 people who joined us again, saying enough is enough and demanding decisive action on improving the lives of these innocent animals.

The letter has been sent. We have yet to receive a response, but we will continue to press the Government for transparency and accountability in expediting the implementation of these vital regulations. No matter how the election pans out, these regulations should be put on the agenda and prioritised.

We’re here for the animals who need us and we will continue to speak up.

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