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Why we charge adoption fees

Why we charge adoption fees

When you adopt from SPCA, your new pet is all ready to go.

We ensure all animals are healthy and prepared for their new home prior to adoption, with essential things such as desexing, microchipping and vaccinations already done for you.

Our adoption fees are great value for money if you tally everything up – and they help us rescue more animals in need.

The adoption fee for each animal is shown on their adoption profile.

Our adoptions fees across all our centres are as follows:

Animal Price
Kitten <5 months $200
Cat >5 months - 9 years $125
Senior Cat >10 years $90
Puppy <5 months $300
Dog >5 months - 8 years $250
Senior Dog >9 years $125
Rabbit $60
Guinea Pig $40
Rats & other small animals $20
Horses $290
Cattle $200
Pigs $65
Sheep $40
Goats $40
Chickens / Ducks $10
Roosters Donation
All other birds $20
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