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Snap your best shot of your pet that is high-res (at least 1MB), landscape in orientation, and upload it below.

Here are some tips on how to get the best shot!
Make sure the photograph is taken in landscape, not portrait
Please note that you will need to upload a Hi-res image (at least 1MB) otherwise the image may not be good enough quality to use. A mid-range camera or phone should be fine for taking images of this quality.
Set your resolution as high as possible – while high-res photos take up more room on your memory card, the higher quality photograph is worth the decreased space. Better a handful of great high-res photos to choose from than lots of low-res ones.
Keep your camera still – use a tripod if you can, this gives you stability and allows you to take your time framing your shot. If you don’t have a tripod, make sure you hold your camera in a way that prevents any slight shaking which might disturb your shot. A good way to minimise shake is to place one hand under the camera and lens while pressing the elbow of the same arm into your ribs.
Make sure your pet is the focus of the photograph – this may seem obvious, but it is essential that your pet is the star of the shot.
Be deliberate in choosing your setting – although your pet should be the focus of the photograph, try to choose a background that is interesting and compliments the composition. Avoid clutter and anything that will distract from the focus.
Animals only! – there must be no humans in the shots; this is your pet’s time to shine.
Take care with composition – a good technique to use is photography’s ‘Rule of Thirds’. Imagine there is a grid across the lens of your camera divided into nine squares (many cameras have a grid setting you can use). The ‘Rule of Thirds’ says that the subject of your photo should be centred on one of the lines of the grid or a point at which the lines intersect. This creates a more interesting composition than if the photo was exactly symmetrical.
Adjust exposure – make sure your camera isn’t over or under exposing your photographs and making them too light or too dark.
Think about your lighting – make sure you aren’t shooting directly into the sun or that shadows aren’t falling across your shot.
Find an interesting angle – explore different ways to photograph your pet. Take some high and low angle shots and try to create a unique perspective.
Photos where pets are looking directly into the camera or are focused on a specific focal point are usually the most engaging.
Prevent cruelty & educate

Purina prizes

Thanks to our friends at PURINA, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs in SPCA's 2022 Calendar Competition!

We have three calendar categories: cat, dog, and ‘other.’ 12 images will be chosen as ‘pets of the month’ for each category, with one being the winning cover star!

Each of the three chosen cover stars will receive one whole year’s supply of PURINA ONE Pet Food, and the remaining 11 ‘pets of the month’ winners will each win a case too! (T&Cs apply)

Prevent cruelty & educate

Competition rules

If you would like to submit more than one photo, please enter the form again.

Not every entry is guaranteed a spot in the calendar. For each of the three categories (cat, dog, and ‘other’) there will be 12 chosen as ‘pets of the month,’ one of which will be the lucky cover star.

The entry fee is just $25 per photo and every entry gets a free calendar. All proceeds go toward helping the injured, abused, and abandoned animals of New Zealand!

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