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Animals' Voice Magazine

Animals' Voice Magazine

New Zealand’s No.1 pet magazine

Animals’ Voice is the official publication of SPCA New Zealand and New Zealand’s No.1 pet magazine.

It’s the perfect publication for animals lovers and those interested in the welfare of animals everywhere.

Animals’ Voice is packed with interesting features and articles about animal care and well-being – and it helps support the good work of our SPCA Centres across the country.

In the latest issue you can read about

  • Golden oldies - why senior pets are best
  • Dog-friendly parks across New Zealand
  • Creating a future generation of animal heroes
  • Debunking rooster myths
  • Dogs reporting for duty!
  • The life of a chained dog
  • Ask a vet & Ask a behaviourist
  • ...and much, much more.

Advertising in Animals’ Voice

Advertising in Animals’ Voice achieves two very real benefits for companies wanting to market products and services to pet owners nationwide.

Being indisputably now New Zealand’s No.1 pet magazine, advertisers can reach an audience of pet owners and animal lovers across New Zealand in a magazine they trust because it is published by SPCA.

With a circulation of 6500 and a pass-on readership in excess of four, the magazine delivers passionate and involved readers who express their views and respond to calls for action. There are 3000 subscribers and the remaining magazines are sold through bookshops/retail outlets/supermarkets, posted out to a special SPCA mailing list and given to new SPCA adopters (about 1275 a month).

Animals’ Voice is a unique magazine that has an emphasis on the welfare, health and care of animals, giving it genuine educational and reference value. It is packed with useful and vital tips and information on caring for the animals that are chosen to be made part of a family.

By advertising in Animals’ Voice you help in the funding of the publication of very important messages about animal care and welfare – it’s a very worthy cause. Our readers think more highly of those companies who visibly support their favourite charity, SPCA.

For advertising contact us today

John Clarke
Phone: 021 907 797
Email: johnclarke644@gmail.com

Editorial enquiries

SPCA New Zealand Communications Team
PO Box 43221, Mangere, Auckland 21532
Phone: 09 256 7317
Email: communications@spca.nz


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Email: animalsvoice@spca.nz

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