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Secondhand Summer: Reuse, Rewear, Relove

Secondhand Summer: Reuse, Rewear, Relove

You can help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, and give a vulnerable animal a new chance at a happy life.

One small step for you this Summer, one giant leap for reducing waste.

This season is the time to join in our Secondhand Summer efforts, to help educate and bring about positive change for people, animals in need, and our environment.

Think about how you can help contribute and create a better world for your children and grandchildren – we have an opportunity to contribute change to the world to sustain and provide a safer future for the next generation to come.

Consider committing to something as simple as only purchasing secondhand, or making a conscious effort to not throw away any surplus goods, you can make a big chance. Instead look at ways to reuse items, or donating items for someone else to discover.

By shopping, donating or volunteering in our SPCA Op Shops, you can help reduce your environment impact this Summer.

Click here to find a local SPCA Op Shop near you.

Sustainable Tips: Reuse, Rewear, Relove.

You can save resources being used to make new products, and give beautiful things a second chance all while discovering a style that is uniquely your own.

Some of our ideas below to inspire your creativity:

  • Always take re-usable bags with you in the car, or when you are heading out.
  • Upcycling ideas! Turn homeware items into something new, for example:
    • Indoor plant pots or outdoor herb garden pots from any item
    • Teacups or mugs into scented candles
    • Jars to store and sort herbs and spices in your kitchen
    • Painting vases or jars and turning them into dried floral arrangements/displays
    • Upcycle old furniture with fresh paint and new handles
  • When purchasing books or puzzles, once you have finished donate them back to the Op Shop
  • Bring your kids into an Op Shop to get their creativity flaring, challenge them to some upcycling ideas

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Handmade by our volunteers

Did you know that some of our local SPCA Op Shops have some lovely handmade items available in selected stores across the country?

Some of these include gift baskets, homemade fudge, homemade coconut ice, indoor plants, crochet cacti in pots, tote bags out of recycled duvet covers, and upcycled crafts including aprons, face coverings, soft toys, cat toys, knitted dog coats and wall art!

Sustainable, secondhand, and saving lives with SPCA

Thank you for all your support, our SPCA Op Shops are vital in raising funds towards abandoned, abused and neglected animals in need. Stay safe, and have a wonderful Summer New Zealand!

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