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SPCA takes action against puppy farm

02 May 2018
SPCA takes action against puppy farm

You may have seen footage on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp last night that showed our SPCA Inspectors rescuing German Shepherds from a puppy farm.

When SPCA Inspectors arrived at the breeder’s property, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Adult dogs and puppies were slipping over in their own faeces, tangled in urine-sodden newspaper, and living amongst old food scraps.

Some of them were confined to a small room with no light, or fresh air. They were barking for attention, and their eyes pleading for help. We needed to intervene.

There are over 30 of these dogs in our care. So far, this case has cost the SPCA over $158,000.

This is an active and ongoing investigation, but we think it’s important to share this with you. The SPCA is building a case against their owner in court, and we are asking today if you’ll help our team. We are horrified that these dogs, especially young puppies, were being housed in this way. They were presented for sale to people who were completely unaware of the terrible conditions they were living in.

These dogs were betrayed, and although we can’t change that, we can give them a voice.

So much money has already gone into giving these dogs the life they deserve, but this figure will only increase. We receive no government funding to undertake this vital work. It’s completely funded by animal lovers like you.

Carla is just one of the dogs rescued from this horrible breeding situation. When she arrived at the SPCA, Carla would hide in the corner, and was frightened by everything. But recently, she was adopted by her loving foster dad, who is building her confidence and teaching her how to trust again.

Watching her get to live a life as a normal dog is why we keep doing this work.

Please help us continue to give these dogs the life they deserve.

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