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SPCA Prosecution after dog’s ‘horrific’ injuries left untreated for a week

10 November 2017
SPCA Prosecution after dog’s ‘horrific’ injuries left untreated for a week

An Auckland man has been sentenced after he failed to seek veterinary treatment for his dog who had been hit by a car and sustained severe leg injuries that left him unable to move.

Langi Vole, 20, pleaded guilty in the Manukau District Court to one charge of ill-treatment of an animal. He was sentenced to 150 hours of community work, and ordered to pay reparations to the SPCA of $197.31 and court costs of $60.

Vole was also disqualified from owning animals for two years. The judge took into account Vole’s early guilty plea, lack of previous convictions and youth. The SPCA sought a 10-year disqualification period.

The case began on 28 April 2016 when an SPCA Inspector responded to information regarding a seriously injured dog at an address in Mangere, Auckland. Upon arrival, the Inspector found a brown and white Staffordshire crossbreed male dog named Lemuska.

The SPCA Inspector immediately noticed serious injuries that looked as if the flesh had been torn away from the dog’s legs. Lemuska had open de-gloving wounds on both his lower hind legs exhibited by a large skin and tissue deficit. The wounds were red, had exposed bone, and had debris in them.

Vole said he was the owner of the dog, who had been run over by a vehicle approximately one week prior, resulting in these leg injuries. Vole stated the dog could not use his hind legs and had not received any veterinarian treatment.

The SPCA Inspector immediately took possession of Lemuska in order to provide urgent veterinary treatment.

An SPCA veterinarian examined the dog and assessed him to be in severe pain upon examination. He believed the injuries had occurred between 7 to 10 days prior and the dog had received no veterinary treatment. He further added that the dog’s left hind foot was fractured and irreparable. The veterinarian concluded that since the injuries were left untreated for such a long period of time, the dog suffered moderate to extreme pain and distress from the time of injury to the time he was examined.

Sadly, due to the extent of his injuries and the level of pain and distress he was suffering, the SPCA veterinarian recommended that Lemuska be euthanised on humane grounds.

“This is an absolutely horrific case,” says Andrea Midgen, SPCA New Zealand CEO.

“The Inspector was shocked at the state of injuries and in disbelief that the offender had such an indifferent attitude, showing no concern for his dog.

“To leave a dog in such pain and unable to move or walk is unthinkable. Lemuska was suffering severe and very visible injuries and should have seen a veterinarian immediately after the accident.

“Our pets are completely dependent on their owners for food, shelter, companionship, and treatment if they get injured or fall ill. If you own an animal, it is your responsibility to provide these fundamental things.”

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