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SPCA Auckland addresses urgent need for a second centre

12 June 2017
SPCA Auckland addresses urgent need for a second centre

SPCA Auckland’s Mangere Animal Village is in crisis and is struggling to keep up with the volume of injured, neglected and abused animals in need.

By planning a second site in Hobsonville, North West Auckland, SPCA Auckland is future proofing as the city’s population growth shows no sign of a slow down, meaning more animals in need of care.

To build the satellite centre SPCA Auckland must raise another $1.5 million in just 12 months, adding to the $4.5 million already raised so far from bequests to the Auckland centre and generous gifts from donors. These funds are specifically for the new centre.

SPCA Auckland treats and cares for around 15,000 animals a year and has a team of nine inspectors on the road each day.

SPCA Auckland CEO Andrea Midgen says the need for a second centre is urgent.

“We can no longer work effectively from one location.

“Our inspectors need to travel longer each day as the city’s population spreads further and further. Added to this, each journey they make takes significantly more time than it used to due to traffic congestion.

“A second centre will also give more people the opportunity to give an SPCA animal a forever home, or provide a temporary foster home. Being on the opposite side of the city to the current SPCA centre, we believe more people will consider adopting a pet from us because we will be more accessible.”

The current SPCA centre in Mangere is the only SPCA facility in Auckland, serving a population of around 1.5 million people. The SPCA Auckland Inspectorate is responsible for responding to animal welfare complaints in a 7,980 sq. km area and reaching these animals in time as the population grows and the city’s boundaries spread is proving difficult.

Construction on the Hobsonville SPCA centre could start as early as October 2017, with the facility built to house adoption facilities and provide a base for SPCA Inspectorate services in North Auckland. To ensure the site is financially sustainable it will also house an SPCA-run doggy daycare.

Statistics NZ predicts the Auckland region will account for more than half New Zealand's population growth between 2013 and 2043, with an increase of 833,000 – from just under 1.5 million to over 2.3 million (medium projection). In 2028, Auckland could be home to 37 percent of New Zealand's population.

2016 SPCA Auckland fast facts:

  • 6,990 animal welfare complaints received by SPCA Auckland, a growth of 576 on 2015
  • Animal welfare complaints by population: 1:202
  • 9,359 animals cared for in the hospital
  • 4,241 desexing operations performed
  • 2,415 animals in foster care
  • 769 animal emergencies attended (2015 figure)

An impression of the new site can be seen here: www.spca.nz/NorthAuckland

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