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Keeping woofers warm over winter: SPCA holds blanket drive for canines out in the cold

14 June 2021
Keeping woofers warm over winter: SPCA holds blanket drive for canines out in the cold

SPCA is calling on animal lovers in Wellington and Wairarapa to gather their warmest blankets and dog jackets to donate to four-legged friends this winter.

In a bid to keep canines out of the cold, SPCA will be providing the items to dogs living outside in kennels throughout Wellington and Wairarapa.

The campaign kicks off this week, with the animal welfare charity asking the local community to donate any unwanted blankets and dog jackets over the next two weeks. These will then be distributed to pet owners with outside dogs throughout Wellington and Wairarapa on a first-come, first-served basis.

SPCA Inspector Elissa McIntosh started the campaign because she wanted to ensure canines living outside in kennels are provided with enough warmth and shelter to keep them happy and healthy.

“Just as you might rug up with a jumper, beanie and scarf in the wintry weather, your pets need extra protection from winter’s elements as well,” says Ms McIntosh.

“I’ve seen first-hand many dogs sleeping outside in kennels and how grateful their owners have been by the simple gesture of receiving a blanket to keep their dog warm. This is one of the ways we want to help these dogs, but also to let pet owners know that SPCA is here to help if they’re struggling,” says Ms McIntosh.

SPCA Scientific Officer Dr Alison Vaughan says adequate shelter is essential year-round, but more so during winter.

“If your dog is outside during the day while you’re at work, make sure they have a shelter or kennel that is well insulated and doesn’t have any gaps where drafts may come through,” says Ms Vaughan

It’s also okay to feed outdoor pets a little extra during the cooler months, because their bodies burn more energy as they try to keep warm.

“Just like humans often comfort eat during winter, it’s okay for these pets to indulge a little more than usual during the chillier months. Just make sure they stick to a healthy diet and aren’t overfed,” says Dr Vaughan.

Donations of blankets and dog jackets can be dropped off at SPCA’s Wellington and Masterton Centres, their Johnsonville, Lower Hutt and Masterton Op Shops, as well as at South Wairarapa Vet Services’ clinics across Wairarapa, from 14-27 June.

Pet owners in the Wellington and Wairarapa region with outside dogs can express their interest for blankets and jackets by emailing SPCA at wellington.info@spca.nz. More information on the campaign can be found here.

For advice on how to keep your pet happy and healthy over winter, click here.

With thanks to South Wairarapa Veterinary Services
With thanks to South Wairarapa Veterinary Services
With thanks to CareVets Porirua
With thanks to CareVets Porirua
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