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Justice for Olive

21 March 2016
Justice for Olive

Looking at the happy, healthy face of this beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier Olive Oyl, you’d never guess the nightmare she was rescued from.

Tied up on a short chain, 8 month old Olive was so severely emaciated it was hard to believe she was still alive. Her tiny frame was hunched over in pain and she couldn’t stand straight. As soon as SPCA Inspector Peggy Link saw the 8-month-old puppy she knew she had to act immediately to save her.

Until she met Peggy, Olive had been let down by every person in her life. She had been neglected by the very people who were supposed to be looking after her and giving her the love and care she deserved. It’s a true testament to her sweet and inherent trusting nature that in spite of her traumatic past, she was willing to let Peggy help her.

It’s thanks to supporters like you that Peggy was able to rescue Olive and bring her to the SPCA hospital where our vets gave Olive the immediate medical attention she desperately needed.

Our vets said Olive was suffering extreme malnutrition and had likely been in pain for much of her eight months of life. Weighing only 10kg, her claws were so overgrown they curled up under her feet. Her skin was covered in mange and open pressure sores. Olive couldn’t have survived like this much longer.

As an animal lover I know it is hard to imagine, but until the day Olive arrived at the SPCA she may have never experienced life without pain and distress.

Every day Olive continued to amaze us with her remarkable recovery. Despite having been chained, starving and days away from dying, Olive’s trusting and loving nature has touched the hearts of so many of our staff and volunteers. She loves to meet new people and greets everyone with a wagging tail.

She responded very well to treatment, gaining 5kg in the first three weeks at the SPCA hospital. With veterinary care, her pressure sores healed, her fur grew back and her skin infection cleared. After five months of recovery, Olive was strong enough to spend time with a loving foster family who introduced her to a world she’d never known: warm couches, long walks and lots of new canine friends.

Today, Olive is unrecognisable from the skeletal dog that was days from death when she first arrived at SPCA Auckland. It is only thanks to supporters like you that we were able to rescue Olive from life on a chain, nurture her back to health and give her a safe place to recover. It is because of you that Olive’s future is bright.

Our Inspectorate team worked hard to seek justice for Olive, and 18 months after she arrived at the SPCA, Olive’s owner Cerise Harris was found guilty by the Manukau District Court of wilful ill-treatment of an animal. She was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and disqualified from owning animals for 10 years.

Olive was then adopted by her foster mum Sally, who truly loves her unconditionally. Thanks to our SPCA supporters, Olive now has the life she deserves.

Please help us continue to seek justice for animals like Olive by donating to SPCA today. Your donation will help save the lives of more hurt and vulnerable animals like Olive, and together we can ensure justice is done for New Zealand's animals.

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