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Jay the kitten's amazing transformation

07 April 2016
Jay the kitten's amazing transformation

At just six weeks old, little Jay was found near a childcare centre. wandering the streets all alone. Thankfully a kind member of the public brought him to SPCA Auckland animal hospital.

He was very underweight, suffering from cat flu and conjuctivitis. Jay also had one of the worst cases of fleas our vets had ever seen - it was so bad he was suffering from anaemia due to the blood loss. Fleas were all over his tiny body, on his face and even on his eyelids.

Thankfully, thanks to lots of care and TLC from our vets and vet nurses, this little fighter pulled through.

After spending a month in foster care, Jay was big and strong enough to find his forever home and he was adopted by a new loving family.

You can read more about Jay's story on Stuff.co.nz.

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