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Giving sight to Billie

23 August 2017
Giving sight to Billie

Imagine a world where you are completely alone, with no idea what tomorrow may bring. Your feet are sore from walking, and nobody can hear your cries for help.

This is sadly the reality for thousands of animals. But for a small kitten named Billie, it was much worse. For the first three months of her life Billie was fending for herself on the streets. Thankfully, she was found by a kind person and was brought to the SPCA where she was finally safe.

When our caring vets took a closer look, they realised Billie had no upper eyelids. She couldn't blink, or close her eyes properly. This rare condition made her very susceptible to eye infections, and long term damage to her eyesight.

Our SPCA team needed to act fast to give Billie the second chance she deserved. So veterinarian Kevin performed two difficult surgeries where he created her two brand new upper eyelids using skin grafts.

After weeks of recovery in a caring foster home, Billie’s eyes healed and she could blink and sleep like a normal cat. Finally, she was ready to find a family for the first time in her life.

It took only two days for Billie’s new mum to walk into the SPCA and know that this sweet and special girl was the one for her. Today Billie is enjoying spending much of her time in the cosy indoors with her new mum and three feline siblings.

It’s thanks to generous people like you that Billie is now safe, happy and healthy.

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