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SPCA desperate for foster parents in Central Otago

06 July 2020
SPCA desperate for foster parents in Central Otago

SPCA is calling for kiwis in the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes region to open their hearts and their homes, and be foster parents for animals in need.

The organisation is desperately seeking volunteer foster families to give animals a temporary home while they recover from injury, illness, or gain strength before being adopted.

SPCA Operations Coordinator Emily Kerr says the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes region has only a handful of foster families to support them.

“We would love some extra hands on board to help ensure animals in SPCA care can integrate into home life easily and move to their forever home faster,” she says.

Fostering involves caring from an SPCA animal for approximately 2-6 weeks and comes at no cost to the foster family.

SPCA supplies all the food, medicine, bedding, and toys to make the animal comfortable. All they ask in return is a loving temporary home environment.

Kerr says that foster families are critical for many animals.

“There are so many better outcomes for animal welfare when they are staying in foster care with a foster family,” she says.

“Not only does fostering free up space at SPCA centres for other centres needing help, but for animals recovering from sickness or injury, or working on their confidence. Some animals getstressed in centre environments so being in a home environment will help them develop and recover much faster.”

For many people, fostering is a great option for those who can only open their homes on a temporary basis, or if they want to know what it would be like to have a pet live with them fulltime.

“Fostering is so rewarding – it literally saves lives. We’d love more of our Central Otago community to sign up as foster families and help these animals!”

To enquire more about fostering, visit www.spca.nz or email centralotago@spca.nz

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