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Cat desexing campaign launches in eco-sensitive areas of Auckland

19 February 2021
Cat desexing campaign launches in eco-sensitive areas of Auckland

SPCA has joined with Auckland Council to launch a Snip ‘n’ Chip campaign, offering discounted desexing and microchipping to cat owners in select eco-sensitive areas of Auckland.

From 19 February, the Snip ‘n’ Chip campaign will allow Auckland residents residing in the following areas to desex their cat for free:

  • Adjacent to Ambury Regional Park
  • Omaha
  • Tawharanui
  • Tapora-Journey’s End
  • Whatipu
  • Te Henga/Bethells
  • Muriwai
  • Piha

Thanks to Auckland Council, all cat owners living in these areas are eligible and do not need a community services card or gold card for the free desexing. The targeted postcodes are 0604, 0772, 0781, 0881, 0977, 0986, 2022.

Desexing and responsible pet ownership are the only ways to address the cause of unwanted animals being born, and at risk of being neglected and continuing the cycle of unwanted litters.

“Desexing is one of the best things we can do for animal welfare in New Zealand and thanks to our partnership with Auckland Council, we hope to make a real difference in these communities that are home to many of our threatened native species,” says SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen.

“In the past year we have been able to desex thousands of animals in over 23 communities across the country. We are thrilled to be able to bring Snip ‘n’ Chip to even more areas of the Auckland community, especially as we’re still in kitten season - our busiest time of year,” she says.

“Not only will it help your pets have a happier and healthier life, but desexing ensures the cycle of unwanted litters is broken, and people’s companion animals don’t unknowingly or unexpectedly reproduce more litters of animals.”

Auckland Council Biosecurity Principal Advisor Dr Imogen Bassett says “We’re really pleased to be able to partner with the SPCA on this initiative. Desexing and microchipping are two of the most important things we can do as responsible pet owners. It’s a win/win for the protection of our threatened species such as dotterels, as well as cat welfare.”

“We also know that the biggest barrier to desexing is cost. The last year has been tough for a lot of families, so it’s important to make sure everyone can afford to do the right thing for their cat and their local wildlife too,” Dr Bassett says.

SPCA encourages all cat owners in the seven identified postcodes to take up the limited time offer as vouchers are only available until they sell out.

“We’re so grateful to our participating vets for being involved in this campaign. They continue to play a huge part in improving animal welfare in Auckland,” says Ms Midgen.

“One of the objectives of the Snip ‘n’ Chip campaigns is to reach out to those people who may not have considered having their pet desexed, or may not be able to afford it, and provide pet owners who do not currently have a local vet to get to know one.”

To book in, please visit www.spca.nz/aklsnipnchip

Thanks to Auckland Council for making this campaign possible
Thanks to Auckland Council for making this campaign possible
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