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Cherry's miraculous recovery

09 March 2020
Cherry's miraculous recovery

Cherry's miraculous recovery

Here at the SPCA we have dozens of animals come through our doors each day. Our ‘before and after’ stories share the tales of the animals who have come into our care who are often fighting for their lives and have made a miraculous recovery. This is Cherry’s story.

Time was running out for Cherry. Stuck in a gorge near TeKuiti, she was in a dire situation. Cherry was left alone to fend for herself, with no access to food, water, or shelter. Who knows how long she could have been there for.

A kind member of the public found herand immediately took her to the nearest vet. Cherry was brought to SPCA’s Hamilton Centre for the love and care she so desperately needed.

Cherry's condition shocked us. She had severe mange, her body was covered in open sore and lesions, and her legs and feet were swollen.

“Because her mange was so bad and untreated for so long, she developed secondary skin issues,” SPCA Hamilton Centre Manager Laura Vander Kley says.

Themange was painful and debilitating for Cherry. Not only was shesuffering physically, but her mange had affected her mentally.

“Her skin was causing her so much pain, and she was so miserable. It took five days of intensive care before we even got a tail wag,” Laura says.

“Once we saw that first sign of life, we knew she was going to make it!”

Nursed back to health

Our team of animal attendants were dedicated to ensuring Cherry wasn't in pain anymore.

The first week in our care she had antibacterial baths every two days. She was placed on pain relief, and daily medication and antibiotics.

The SPCA Hamilton team worked hard to nurse Cherry back to health, tending to her every need.

Cherry then went home with one of our SPCA foster parents to continue her intensive care in a home environment.

After two months of extensive rehabilitation and care, Cherry slowly began to behave like a happy, healthy puppy. That’s when we knew she was ready to find a forever family.

It didn’t take long for someone to walk through SPCA’s doors and fall in love with her.

A new lease on life

Today Cherry isunrecognisable from the sad, sick dog that first arrived in our care. She is bright and healthy with a new lease on life.

From the darkest of days, barely able to move from constant pain, Cherry has blossomed into an adventure loving, mummy's girl.

“Every day we go for a big bush walk and exploring with her friends,” her mum Allaynah says.

“She loves cuddling up in bed and getting sung to sleep at night. Every day she goes running and playing fetch.”

“She is just a big sooky for her mum.”

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