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Changes at SPCA’s Hawera Centre

30 May 2019
Changes at SPCA’s Hawera Centre

The centre will be moving from being minimally manned with limited adoption hours, to a centre focused entirely on receiving and caring for incoming animals, with adoptions being held at neighbouring SPCAs.

The Hawera centre needs a significant amount of financial investment to bring it up to a good standard for animal care,” says Area Manager Danny Auger.

“It was a very difficult decision to make, but we believe it’s more efficient to focus on the prevention of cruelty in Hawera through desexing and education.”

From May 31 adoptions will no longer be available at the Hawera centre and prospective adoptive families are encouraged to visit neighbouring SPCAs in Whanganui and New Plymouth. Or they might like to visit the ‘pop-up adoptions’ that will be held within Hawera on a regular basis.

“In 2018 the Hawera centre transferred more animals to other larger SPCA centres than were adopted by our community. So in fact it won’t be a big change for Hawera. We’re confident that adoption rates won’t be affected,” says Mr Auger. “Instead, by working together with better resourced SPCAs we will achieve better outcomes for the animals.” “SPCA’s Hawera centre is so much more than just a building, our ongoing work on preventing cruelty, educating the public and advocating for animal welfare will remain the same,” says Mr Auger.

SPCA’s Inspectorate coverage will be unaffected by the centre’s changes, as will the local SPCA Op Shop. SPCA’s Education programme continues to run in Hawera’s schools, and SPCA hopes to bring low-cost desexing to the area to help reduce the number of unwanted animals.

Mr Auger encourages the Hawera community to continue supporting animals in need. “Many people don’t realise that SPCA receives less than 1% government funding to do our work. The SPCA Inspectorate, who rescue and seek justice for abused, neglected and abandoned animals, costs $10 million every year to run. Doing this vital work is simply not possible without the support of our community.”

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