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From sick little kitten to confident cat

06 November 2019
From sick little kitten to confident cat

Thousands of animals find themselves in harm’s way each year and need someone to intervene on their behalf to rescue and care for them. This is Bokeh’s story.

Bokeh arrived at SPCA in a terrible condition. He was an ill, skinny, and vulnerable kitten, with severe cat flu and a severe infection in his eyes. Left untreated, this would cause him to go blind.  

Fortunately, Bokeh was brought toSPCA where he was put on a course of antibiotics, kept comfortable, and fed plenty of food to help him get strong again.

As our team looked after him, they couldn’t help but fall in love with this rather disheveled, but lovable and sick little boy.

Unfortunately, Bokeh's eyes were so damaged from the infection, they needed to be removed by a specialist SPCA vet.

Left untreated this infection would have impacted Bokeh's quality of life. In a loving home, we knew Bokeh would have a happy and healthy life as a blind cat.

Surgery was the only option for him.

The road to recovery

After multiple surgeries, Bokeh went into foster with his vet nurse Hayley.

She had been with him every step of his hospital journey and was going to look after and monitor him as he adjusted to life with no vision.

These months of rehabilitation and the love of a foster parent in their home transformed Bokeh.

In Hayley's care, he bounced right back from his surgeries and became a confident cat who navigated the world with no trouble - even though he can't see!

Bokeh never allowed his disability to define him.

He became a master of finding his way around his foster home, and the SPCA team were confident that he would fit in beautifully with the right family when he was ready to find his forever home.

Bokeh's second chance

However, when that time came to go up for adoption, Hayley had fallen in love with him Bokeh and couldn’t bare to part with him. To Hayley, Bokeh had already become a part of her family.

“He became a great companion, very cuddly and always nearby, he just wants to be a part of everything,” Hayley says.

“I also have a neurologically impaired cat so I may have a soft spot for cats with disabilities.”

She decided to make it official and sign the adoption papers herself! Now Bokeh is living his second chance at happiness in the loving home he recovered in.

"Bokeh settled in really quickly, being blind doesn’t seem to inconvenience him much at all,” Hayley says.

And Bokeh certainly doesn’t let life without sight slow him down.

“He happily goes all around the house, climbs up on furniture, curl up on peoples' laps. He likes to lie on windowsills even though he can’t see the view.

“He likes to perch on the edge of the couch and bat things with his paw as they go past, like people and dog tails.”

“I recently bought him a cat tree which he loves. Bokeh gets around so well that people can’t believe he’s blind even when they’ve been told he has no eyes!”

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