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A tough journey for Boris the rabbit

05 June 2019
A tough journey for Boris the rabbit

Thousands of animals find themselves in harm’s way each year and need someone to intervene on their behalf to rescue and care for them. This is Boris’ story.

Boris is a strong name for anyone, but it’s particularly fitting for tough little Boris the rabbit! Hopping along a road in Palmerston North in August, Boris was a wandering stray. He was lost, cold, and afraid. All he wanted was warmth and safety, and to be saved from the hopeless situation he was in.

Boris was found by an SPCA Inspector, saved from a life of loneliness and uncertainty, arriving at the SPCA Wellington Centre in a critical condition.

With skin lesions all over his tiny body, and an ulcerated left eye with an underturned eyelid, Boris was in a pretty sad state and his journey to recovery was going to be a tough one.

A long road

After being treated for mites, placed on a course of antibiotics, and given medication for his sore eye, the vet team at our Wellington Centre decided he needed an entropian surgery to realign his upper eyelid and prevent further irritation to his eye.

Involving the removal of part of his upper eyelid, entropian surgeries are very intricate and require very careful post-operative care. They are more commonly performed on dogs and are very rare on small animals like rabbits.

However, this didn’t deter our vet team. They were committed to helping Boris heal so they could find him his much deserved forever home.

Thanks to this rare surgery, Boris has a second chance at happiness.

A second chance

After multiple surgeries and spending time with a foster family to recover and heal, Boris is now happy and healthy, and was sent to SPCA's Masterton Centre to find a forever home.

Despite the scars on his ears and eyes, the team at SPCA’s Masterton Centre say he is very spritely after defying the odds.

“Boris has been through a lot, he is getting used to being handled and I'm sure with lots of love and attention, he will be an amazing companion," says Centre Manager Rebecca Johnston.

"All he wants is a forever home where he can just be safe and happy with someone to dote on him,” Team Lead Rebecca Johnston said.

Boris' wish has recently been granted, and he has been adopted by a loving family. He is now relishing his new home and second chance at happiness.

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