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SPCA Walk your Dog to the Moon

The month of November 2018
Across New Zealand!

Waikato woman prosecuted after her dog was found emaciated

Walk your way to a better future for animals this November. Grab your furry friend and join us by walking the distance to the moon!


What is Walk your Dog to the Moon?

Our exciting new event will gather animal lovers across New Zealand to walk the distance to the moon and raise money for animals in need! Throughout the month of November, grab your human and furry friends, your pedometer and join the fun by being active. Get outside, get healthy and walk your way to a better future for animals. It’s that simple.

How it works:

1. Create your profile and submit your registration fee HERE

2. Collect pledges from friends and family to sponsor you.

3. Take your dog for a walk!

4. Add your kilometres to the national total.

How to track your Distance

Linking a fitness device:

You can automatically link fitness devices to your supporter page to make logging your kms even easier. Fitbit, MapMyFitness and Strava can all be automatically connected; click here to find out how.

Please note: You must record a "workout" with your fitbit in order for it to contribute to your kilometres. The daily step counter will not contribute to your total.

Logging kms manually:

If you are using another device, a pedometer, your phone or anything else to track kms, you’ll need to add your distances to your page manually. Simply post a “fitness update” on your pages timeline and make sure you’re adding your distance in kms. You can choose to add your kms daily, weekly, or however you like! If you get stuck, click here for more help.

Walking with your dog:

If you are walking to the moon with your dog, you will add their kms to your profile alongside your own. Make sure to pick up their doggie pedometer at your local event, or ask our team to mail one to you.

Simply add their total kms by posting a “fitness update” on your own supporter page, just as you would if you were manually adding your own. You can choose whether you add yours and your dogs kms collectively or separately. You do not have a separate page for your dog!

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